No Men Are Foriegn

Topics: Human body, Love, Poetry Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: April 20, 2013
No Men Are Foreign by James Kirkup
Workbook Questions
Extract 1
1 Who is the narrator of the poem? To whom is the poem addressed? Ans The poem appears to have an omniscient narrator and is addressed to all of mankind. (omniscient = one who knows everything)
2 What is meant by uniforms? Why are uniforms necessary especially during war? What is there beneath all uniforms? Ans Uniforms mean the varied cultural exteriors that people put on themselves in the form of different clothes that symbolise who they are. Uniforms are necessary especially during war in order to differentiate between and identify soldiers on different sides who would otherwise appear to be same. But beneath all uniforms lies the same human body. 3 Which single body is referred to in the extract? What is common to the single body and people like the narrator? Ans The single body referred to in the extract is the human body. What is common between the single body and people like the narrator is that it is same in structure and made of flesh and blood. 4 Who are referred to as brothers? What two things are common to all people as referred to in lines three and four of the extract? Ans People who we classify as different from ourselves are our brothers. We walk on the same land as long as we are alive and will be buried in the same earth when we die. 5 If there are different countries, how can we be one people? Ans Even if there are different countries, we can be one people because we all have the same body and we live and die on the same planet. Extract 2

1 Who are they that are mentioned in the extract? What are the common elements in the universe that are shared by all? What is the significance of the word, too in the extract? Ans They are those that we consider foreign. All of us share the common elements of sun, air and water. The word too is significant because it emphasizes that they are just like us. 2 What are peaceful harvests? Why are they said to be peaceful? What do the...
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