No Men Are Foreign

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No Men Are Foreign

'No men are foreign' tell us that we should not consider anyone as foreign or 'strange.' Humanity is the same all over the world and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves.

This poem emphasizes the fact that men might belong to different races, nations, but are basically bound by a common bond i.e. they all feel pain when hurt and shed tears on the loss of someone close and wars should not break this common bondage. In destroying another country we are destroying our own Earth. The poem tells us to look upon humanity as unified entity.


The poem is obviously a strong plea for universal brotherhood. It underlines the fact that the people of different countries have same physical, mental & emotional experiences. Their fate is the same. They are in no way different even though they wear different clothes & speak different languages. Nobody should be viewed as stranger & no country foreign. The poet emphasizes the futility of hating those who belong to other countries. When we wage war against others, we only defile our own earth. The dust & smoke caused by war weapons pollute the very air we all breathe. The poet calls upon the people to liberate the world from man-made barriers and parochialism (narrow outlook). There is much in common between different races of the world. [pic]

This poem is written to foster feelings of fraternity, brotherhood and to emphasise that people of different nations are alike in every manner-fate, times of sorrows and happiness etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this poem to say that we are the children of the God and should we desecrate our Earth by waging wars, by fighting we are condemning ourselves. -----------------------

Poet: James Kirkup
The Theme
The poem “No Men Are Foreign”, a poem by James Kirkup states that no man is foreign or strange and we should not regard anyone as foreign or strange. The poem revolves around the idea that all men are equal. Though they are separated by boundaries there is no difference between men of different nations. The difference is only within a man’s heart. It is a universal appeal for brotherhood. The differences among them pertain merely to colour, dress and food habits which are not of much significance. Humanity all over the world is alike. If man is destroying another nation, he is actually destroying himself and the entire humanity. The people of different countries may differ in complexion and clothing but their mental, physical and emotional experiences are the same. The poet makes an effort to wipe away the hatred among people of the world and highlights the futility of war and weapons that only add pollution to “innocence.” The Summary

The poem begins with the speaker asking his audience to remember that no human being should be treated as foreigner or stranger because all human beings are essentially the same. Even those who wear different dresses are in no way different from us because though the clothes are different the bodies are the same. All human beings are “brothers” as they breathe the same air and live on the same land. In life and death people of all countries share the same sun, the same water and the same air. Peace brings prosperity to all men and war brings adversity. The lines on the hands of all people show that they are all destined to work hard and labor for earning the living. In waking and in sleeping all men are same. God has bestowed the same strength to all men and it is only the human quality of love that can subdue the most powerful of all forces. The poet’s message is that we should not hate our fellow human beings. We have no right to look down on anybody or discriminate against anybody on any grounds. The poet makes a strong plea against the evil of war. By taking up arms men desecrate the holy earth, polluting it with not only dust and smoke...
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