No Logo

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No Logo
People once bought products based on interest and the quality of the product. Now, choices are based on the top brands or what the celebrities are using or wearing. In the documentary ,“No Logo” by Naomi Klein, the author uses rhetorical persuasion to explain the corporate takeover of the world, and also the globalization of these corporations. There are both gains and losses our society faces as corporations continue to consolidate within the commercial marketplace.

Klein’s argument as a piece of rhetorical persuasion was very affective. She uses information from brands and businesses, and also trends in society to inform viewers of this corporate takeover. She uses the four points of No Space, No Choice, No jobs, and No Logo to persuade and explain what is wrong about this globalization. No Space refers to the takeover of public space. Advertising is all around the public to draw attention and business. This advertising can seem as if we have no space and no choice. With brands such as Coco-Cola advertising in places such as, sports events, restaurants, and on television, public tends to lean more towards that product and sometimes not even have a choice because of its public popularity. No Jobs and No Logo describes the hire of oversea workers and the poor working conditions they face. Many corporations hire people overseas to work in factories and make these products for a lower salary than American minimum wage. These oversea factories are highly strict, harsh, dirty, and high security to keep the workers under control. Hiring overseas leads to the cutting of jobs in America and supporting poor working conditions overseas. Klein is affective in this argument as a piece of rhetorical persuasion.

Society has gained little as corporations continue to consolidate in the commercial marketplace. This documentary explains the superficial aspect in society. Many everyday consumers go with the trends of society when it comes to purchasing products....
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