No Impact Man

Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Nabil Butt
Professor Lohinski
Eng 102
1 Jan, 2013
No Impact Man Draft #1
The Man with a Plan
The reading is interesting, and kind of makes you want to give No Impact Man lifestyle a chance and see how long you would last. In the first chapter Collin Beaven mentions “I didn’t believe that the way of life that was steadily wrecking the planet even made us happy” (Beaven, 29). This quote caught my attention because after watching television and learning about global warming he sees the world in a different way, and starts to notice things that effect global warming. He realizes that he wants to make a difference and do his part as a part of this society even though other people may not think the same as him he does not care. In chapter 3 Collin talks about how “If you had asked me if I tried not to make trash, not to waste, I would have told you that I certainly didn’t produce the average American’s 4.6 pound of trash per day, or roughly 1,700 pound per year. I would have told you I didn’t try as hard as I should but that I tried. I made an effort, I would have said. I’m not all talk. I care about the world” (Beaven, 80). That made me thinks that I haven’t done anything to help the environment. I talk about global warming but I haven’t done anything to make changes. I admire his compassion, his single minded focus to change the world. He doesn’t just want to preach he wants to be the leader, and make changes himself before he tells other people follow him. He is setting example for rest of world. 1. What does mea-culpa mean?

2. Is Colin self-evolved or self righteous in your opinion? 3. Considering what Colin has decided to do, how would you approach his decision?
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