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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Persuasive Essay

Homework, for children, has been going on since school started. Most of them do not like homework but there always is that small bunch that does like it. However, most of them just think it is a big waste of time. Teachers use it as a method of giving the students a reminder of what they have just learned. However, to the smarter kids that understands it they still are stuck with homework. This is why there should not be any more homework given by the teachers.

Without homework, the United States probably would not have that much obese people. People spend too much time on homework so they get hungry and conceal themselves in their room while eating who knows what. However, without homework people would be outside with friends and bike riding or something. They could spend their time with extra curricular activities to help them with collage scholarships like swimming, baseball, etc. Cutting homework would make not just the students happier but also make the United States a healthier place.

Without homework, students can learn to be more responsible because they do not have people on their backs on their homework. Instead they could just study on their own and have no or almost no worries about how long or how much they study because they are on their own time. They could learn new and fun ways to study without having a due date for everything. For instance they could all of the basketball games and see which team has the most amount of points in the season. With all of the pros that having no homework has it still has kinks that needs to be fixed.

Some students may need that extra reminder of what the learned. However, it has to be their responsibility to study for their upcoming test or assessments. The teachers do not need to spend their time making copies of homework, kill trees for paper, or even waste twenty minutes of class time checking the students homework. Instead, they should trust the students to do it themselves. In...
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