No Female Circumcision

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Cons Female Circumcision
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cons Female Circumcision
Some people believe that female circumcision is a traumatic, awful thing to do to a human being. Some people may see circumcision as an adequate form of disease control or some believe it’s a way of making a female pure by having her clitoris cut. It is not right to make decisions on behalf of another human, especially when it permanently alters them. Female circumcision is accepted in many countries for health reasons, but female circumcision is something that most of the world is against. Female circumcisions do more harm than good, carry unnecessary risks, and are performed for religious and cultural reasons, and therefore, it should not be performed routinely.

Female circumcision is convicted as a suffering procedure. It is a procedure that is done step by step: In Somalia, like many countries across Africa and Middle East, little girls are made “pure” by having their genitals cut out at the ages of 5 and up. After the child’s clitoris and labia are carved out, scarped off the whole area is sewn up, so that a thick band of tissue forms a chastity belt made of the girls own-scarred flesh. A small hole is carefully situated to permit a thin flow of pee, only great force can tear the scar tissue wider, for sex (Hirsi Ali, 2007, p. 31).

“Female circumcision has been condemned as a torture or degrading treatment that lacks any respect for the dignity of women and girls. Unfortunately, some of the most egregious manifestations of degrading treatment, and lack of respect for dignity” (Nnaemeka, 2005, p.30). Women do not have the choice whether they can get circumcised or not because it is done at a very young age and the girls are usually tricked into getting circumcised. The parents make the decision on behalf of their daughters because they believe it should be done...
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