No Exit

Topics: Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism, Ontology Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Jean-Paul Sartre's thought of existentialism is that everyone is completely free to make there own decisions and completely responsibilities for the actions that come from those free choices. In his play No Exit the character Garcin is in “bad faith” according to Sartre for three things he does. Garcin's first example of displaying bad faith comes with what he does to his wife. He's not condemned for treating her badly or being and adulterer, but instead his bad faith comes not from his actions against his wife, but for his reasons for doing them. He defines his wife in a specific role – a victim – and refuses to see her as anything else. By self-deception he has tricked himself into believing his wife is an object and not a person. Sartre said “the self is something that can never be defined categorically; it exists outside of and beyond any description of it.” He identifies three different categories of "being." The first is called "being-in-itself," and this is the being we apply to objects, like a car. People, on the other hand are living creatures, so they're described as "being-for-itself." Humans will always be “being-for-itself” and never “being-in-itself” and that's the problem with giving some one a role such as Garcin gave to his wife as a victim, it's an attempt to exist in being-in-itself. With his self-deception of his wife being an object he is in bad faith. Next Garcin tries to define his self as courageous, but according to Sartre to have the value of courage to be describing him, he must have been brave his whole life, even up to his death. He convinced himself into believing he was courageous, when in fact he really was a coward. In doing so he deceived himself into believing something that wasn't true about his own character traits, and made him in bad faith. Sartre's last definition of “being” is “being-for others,” which is when you are turned into an object under the gaze of another person. Garcin being in the room with others, competitive...
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