“No Democracy” Syria Revolution

Topics: Syria, Bashar al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 25, 2012
On March 2011 in a city in Syria called Dar'aa, a few high school students painted on the school wall some sentences against Syria’s president "Bashar All- Assad " and his regime. The police were informed about what the high school students had done, therefore came in the school, arrested the kids and took them to unknown place. The families started looking for their children, when they couldn't get hold of them, they went to the internal forces wondering where their kids were  but they were asked to go back home and to forget about the kids, and to imagine that they kids never existed. The families and relatives of the three high school boys gathered and started a protest at the city hall . One week after that tragedy, the  three kids were released and signs of torture were on their bodies. This was a ‘warning’ from Bashar Al-Assad.  So because of the government's tyranny, they protested again and it expanded  in everyday and each Syrian city calling for a freedom and justice. Al Assad's forces started to shoot, kill, rape, arrest and kidnap any one they could catch among the protester.  Monitors say more than 14,100 people, mostly civilians; have died since a peaceful uprising erupted on March 15, 2011, prompting a bloody crackdown by Assad's forces that prompted an armed reaction. More than 2302 have reportedly died in the past month alone. Until this day Bashar Al- Assad has been ordering his soldiers to rape every women and every child, then kill them and pile them in their own homes. Thousands are dying, and until someone is going to intervene or unless Bashar Al- Assad steps down, thousands of more are going to die. There are 15 countries from all over the world which are in the united nation security council. The Security Council responds to crises around the world on a case-by-case basis and it has a range of options at its disposal. Although there are 15 country representatives, there are only 5 main countries that have the final say, they are China,...
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