No Comprendo

Topics: Learning, See Spot Run, Reading Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Jennifer Gonzalez
Professor Lyle Witt
English 101
12 October 2011

No Comprendo

For me, learning to read and write was quite an adventure. It started where most children begin—the infamous realm of kindergarten. Now you have to understand that prior to this I had never spoken English before. So as a five year old little Hispanic girl, I was faced with quite a predicament—learning to read and write in a language I could not speak or understand. I still remember my first day of school. I remember approaching the classroom which was filled with chattering and laughter. I remember my teacher trying to communicate with me. As I tried to recall the English I heard in my cartoons and Disney movies, I understood only about forty percent of what she said. I was excited to begin this new experience of school, but wasn't quite sure how to deal with it all. It wasn't long before all the parents had left and the class came to a start. As everyone began to introduce themselves and talk about favorite colors, what they liked to do for fun, and their families, I was quickly reminded I was different. I became frustrated, but determined to make sense of this new language. It was time to learn something completely different. Most of the time I just tried to listened. I watched cartoons and movies in English so most of the English I knew came from there. However, being the loud and social person I have always been, I wasn't shy in my attempts to interact with the other kids. Unfortunately, most children at this age are not aware that there are people who are totally different to them and it was a little difficult for them to grasp the idea that I could not speak English. After the first week of school, I had upgraded from no English to my broken English which at times turned into Spanglish (English and Spanish combined). The time for coloring and games had ended and it was time for schoolwork. This of course began with the alphabet. Now back home I had learned the "ABC"...
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