Topics: Family, Marriage, Stepfamily Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Saraswatichandra Vyas (Saras) is raised in Dubai by his evil step mother, and his strong-minded father. In spite of being treated unfairly, Saraswatichandra grows up to be a kind, intelligent and charming man. However, when his father decides to get him married, he refuses. However, his father still goes ahead with his agreement to Kumud Desai, a girl who hails from a wealthy family. When Saras hears of this, he sends a letter to Kumud, saying that he cannot marry her. But, Kumud replies to his letter saying that he has insulted her father and her family by first sending the agreement and then refusing it. She tells him that he has to come to Gujarat and break the agreement in front of her father. After some internal fights, Saras reaches Gujarat and is welcomed by the family in Ratnanagri. Only Kumud's sister and mother know the truth about Saras rejecting Kumud. Kumud doubts the honesty and reliability of Saras, even though she still has some feelings for him. As she is angry with Saras, she decides not to show her face to him (as Saras rejected her without seeing her face).Saras decides to reveal the fact that he broke his marriage plans to Kumud's father, Vidyachatur. However, he is constantly interrupted, which keeps the matter a secret to Vidyachatur but then Saras promises to see her face by the day of the kite festival and he sees her face, by seeing each other’s face they miss the kite were it goes and falls in a pond (the pond in which Saras's mom committed suicide) not knowing this, poor Kumud asks him to take the kite, where Saras by getting all the past memories of his mom tries to commit suicide who is truth and she tries to apologize to Saras who continuously refuses to accept her apologies. Meanwhile Kumud's sister Kumari(who doesn't know anything about the fight) shows a pencil sketch of Saras's eyes and she says that this was drawn by Kumud even before the again saved by Kumud's aunt. Kumud feels guilty when she comes to know about the marriage...
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