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Marketing Communication Plan
Marketing Communication Plan

M&P O”Sullivan
Cash and Carry

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M&P O”Sullivan
Cash and Carry

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Veronika Baranova

Veronika Baranova

Table of Content
* Marketing Backround of the Company
* History
* Situational Analysis
* Marketing Strategy
* Advertising Objectives
* Result
* Conclusion
* Summary

Marketing Background of the Company

This case study documents about M&P O'Sullivan into the Irish Market. M&P O'Sullivan are a thriving and established fourth generation Wholesale Cash & Carry. In the year 2005, the company celebrated one hundred years in business, which created a significant milestone in the company's history. In that time they start to be one of the leading Foodservice suppliers in the Cork and Munster region.


M&P O'Sullivan are the complete retail solution. With over 79 years of experience in the Grocery trade, they have a considerable amount of knowledge in terms of the needs and wants of the current day Retailer. They stock over 5,000 Retail lines, from Confectionery to Snack foods, Minerals, Health & Beauty, Chilled & Frozen.

Food Service

M&P O'Sullivan are one of the leading foodservice suppliers in the Munster region. They currently service over 2,000 customers with a product range that exceeds 5,000 items. The product range is always expanding. Foodservice team is made up of individuals who have huge knowledge and experience within the sector and who completely understand the needs of a foodservice customers.

Source: http://www.mpos.ie/foodservices.html
Customer Service

They service all foodservice customers, from restaurants to hotels, cafes, delis, coffee shops & fast food outlets. They pride themselves on working with local suppliers as well as international suppliers to ensure the best possible offering. The service levels are...
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