Nnewpaper Indudstry in Trinidad and Tobago

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In 1799 publisher M. Gallagher inaugurated the very first English Language newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago called 'The Trinidad Weekly Courant'. In 1825 the 'Port of Spain Gazette' was introduced . Later, on the 21st January, 1832 the government established 'The Trinidad Gazette'. This move by the Governor brought with it competition in the newspaper market in the country. By the early 19th century there was over nine major published newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago. This signal and began a boom in the industry, since newspapers became the most relevant form of mass media of the population. A multimillion dollar industry. Almost two hundred years after the first newspaper was introduced, one may think that the industry is at its very peak of success. But nothing could be further from the truth. The Newspaper is a dimming light. The inception of various forms of mass media over the past two centuries including radio, television streaming media and the world wide web, the ways in which audiences and users intake news and information has totally changed by a great force. A situation called convergence. The traditional way of reading a newspapers has been affected by different ways and forms of convergence, which lead to the downfall of the newspaper. Or has it really not? Convergence thus affected the newspaper industry and the media landscape at a whole and has created advantages and disadvantages to the industry.

Convergence in Mass Communication is defined as where the distinction between various mediums disappears by way of the contents being distributed in various forms. Audience fragmentation, the development of the internet, the world wide web, digitalization, and finally concentration of ownership and conglomeration are solely responsible for convergence in mass media. As of 2013, Trinidad and Tobago has three major newspapers which includes 'The Trinidad Express', 'The Trinidad Guardian' and 'The Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Newspapers' all...
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