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Topics: English-language films, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Hello everyone. My name is wise. Today I’m going to tell you three stories from three different periods in my life. These three stories were defining moments in my life, and I found myself deeply changed by them in some way. These events are touchstones in my life that stand out for me as strong and important memories which I will never forget. The first story happened when I was 8 and saw my father acting in a play for the first time. The second story occurred when I was 16 and traveled all over Europe with a friend. The third story took place when I was 25 and lived abroad in Paris across the street from the Sorbonne. I chose these three stories because I think they teach me many things such as how to insisit and face the touble and challange in my life. the first story which talk about the give up happened in my 6 years old. When I was a child I watch someone play the piano on televison, his music is songful and gentle. At that time the piano start attact to me. So I decided to learn how to play the piano. At first, I learn and practice the piano very hard because I practice play the piano very day. My teach also said that I am a musical student,because I have long fingers and have a good gift on the pinao. During the on years’ study, I can play many melodic music. But ar that time I begian be tired of playing the piano, I think I should spend much times on the practise everyday, which not only feel tired but I can not have much opportunity to wach tv, play outside with my firends. But in my opinion, I the most important reason is that I can not cotiune and inisit to learn the piano.my parents and my teacher also advise me not give up, but I cry and to refute them, so I stop learn the piano but now I aslo regret this decision which decide in my 7 years old. The second story happened in my 12 years old which told about the insist and work hard for my target. In the my opinon, taking photograph is a magic which can make the beautiful moments become the my...
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