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Buyer behaviour : is important to market segment because buyer buy that product what they want to buy according to their needs likewise it depends on how the product attract them towards itself like its appearance, price complex to understand or social issues includes. Moreover products brands several selections of products may involve and choice of buyer includes. Here below is the process for buyer behaviour . Problem recognition: my old mobile phone is giving me a problem . Information search: I talk to my friend and visit a mobile store and I did a research on the internet to get an roughly idea of new phone which may suites my needs and in budget. Evaluation of alternation: I go on internet for research and then I make a differences between two phones about their features, quality and brand. Product choice: then I choose one mobile phone which suites my needs and in my budget. Post purchase evaluation: now I am happy with my new apple iPhone.

1.b) Culture: can influence buying behaviour of person because it depends on values, beliefs and customs valued by a group of people. Likewise these factors can influence the buyer behaviour. e.g. in Indian tradition people did not eat cow meat but when they go to overseas they eat meat because of culture influence impact on them and they use to it further more country to country people travel from one place to other that impacts on their buying behaviour and customs, beliefs and their taste. Social impact : a customer buying behaviour is also influenced by social factor such as customer belongs to which family and family values or status that may impact on buying behaviour. Personal : it comes with different factors like persons occupation, lifestyle and income which may impact on buyer behaviour like we can say beliefs and attitudes of customer religion, racial group.

1.c) level of involvement : high and low involvement in products like expensive, complex to understand or social rejection e.g. perceived low risk when customer buying a soap the involvement of risk is very low because it might be $3 or $4 which is not overly concerned about those level of involvement. Furthermore high level of involvement risk is high e.g. when buying a house customer look at different factors that may suites his needs and risk is high more level of involvement, like if he is aware of brand, class or value these kind of consideration factors could impact and important in level of involvement whether it was high or low. Problem recognition: its depends on person actual ideal decision or situation big enough to make a decision. E.g. of an apple iPhone commercial advertisement that shows the excitement of owning a new iPhone but in marketing strategy customer to see their actual existing situation is not equal to desired state. Information search: is important because if we know the consumer behaviour what information he search for then we can look for them specified area and willing to provide an information to consumers like where and when to promote on the internet to aware more about their products and over there like on social sites Facebook, Gmail and on TV. Furthermore retailer make sure he engage the right advertisement with their consumer to attract towards them to product. Advantages: create something that attract consumer segment towards their products e.g. apple use the advertisement for iPhone 5 they shows the values, beliefs and customs which attracts most people towards their products instead of nokia they just show the mobile phone to their consumer segments which colour its and tis functions which all the other mobile phone companies does but apple create his own way to attract consumers segment towards their products because they have fully dedicated team to research to show the results. Perceived risk: various risks that product may have and believe that consequences or issues people may face when the risk is high or low in relation to expensive product whether the...
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