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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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As I approach the culmination of my 3 valuable years in St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, my retrospection into those years reveals that I have enjoyed an interdisciplinary approach in my Chemistry Honors course. Further, our College’s emphasis on being sensitive to the needs of rural upliftment and development has also motivated me to gain a first- hand experience of life at the grassroots level. Such is the variety, that I have often been intrigued by the clash between social interests, especially economic, and environmental chemistry. Over the years, I have realized that I am driven by an intense urge to make a difference in the rural sector of our country. In my childhood, I used to visit various villages with my mother, who as a practicing Acupressure therapist provided free treatment to the backward classes and Harijan communities. Her concern for the socially downtrodden inspired me to pursue a career path which would fulfill my vision of bridging the rural-urban divide. It is common knowledge that energy concerns, lack of education and deteriorating economic conditions are the major problems that plague our villages. But not everyone is forthcoming in their help. I foresee that harnessing alternative energy resources, carbon credits management and rural education programmes would form the three pillars of my entrepreneurial venture in the rural sector. I have pursued my vision with immense passion since my schooldays and it still remains close to my heart. I represented my school in the International Science Congress, held in Tirupati in 2005, to present my environmental project related to water pollution, which was well received by the jury. The project was also appreciated at the State Science Congress, held at Bhubaneswar in the same year. In my college, my stint as an active member of National Service Scheme (NSS) took me to several villages as a part of our rural projects. Currently, I am enrolled in a programme to teach poor...
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