Topics: Hula hoop, Addition, Summative assessment Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Addition Burglary
Grade Levels: 3 - 6
* Schoolchildren will run through alertness and supportive education. * Pupils will evaluate and exercise addition and subtraction. Materials
* 8 beanbags
* 7 tennis balls
* 3 volleyballs
* 5 softballs
* 10 hockey pucks
* 5 Frisbees
* 2 footballs
* 4 hula hoops
Notes: When putting the hula hoops in all angles, ensure that they are alike spaces from the middle and one another. This generates equivalent running spaces for each lineup. Let pupils know that they need to retain adding or subtracting when each team is put in or removed out of their hoop. 1. Place one hula hoop in each corner of a basketball court. 2. Have students make equal groups, facing the center, behind each hoop. 3. In the center of the gym place different objects.

4. Each object should be assigned a different number value. Objects:| Point Value| Number in Center|
Beanbags| 13| 10|
Tennis Balls| 7| 9|
Volleyballs| 22| 4|
Softballs| 9| 8|
Hockey Pucks| 3| 14|
Frisbees| 10| 7|
Footballs| 19| 4|
5. Using a transmit setup; each squad directs pupils to the center to acquire an item and transport it back to their hoop. 6. When one individual comes back, the following one goes to the middle and carries back additional item. 7. When all items are absent from the midpoint, players may go to another set's hoop and take one of their items. 8. Play endures 'til one crew gets items in their hoop tallying 32 or more points. Modifications:

Use solitary beanbags, giving each color a diverse worth. Alter the entire essential to triumph or sum of many things obtainable, making the game go more rapidly or more leisurely.

Summative Assesment:
Summative assessments are collective appraisals used to rationalize pupil progression after education and are mostly prearranged at the close of a lesson in direction to regulate whether lengthy time...
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