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china at the center: the worlding of china

As we have seen, ecological factors—operating both in the long term and in brief cataclysmic events—precipitated intensified interactions among several early Neolithic cultures in Northern China.
 Discuss these events and their role in bringing about the synthesis of these cultures in a consolidated culture which we can identity as that of Ancient China.  How was the process of cultural formation storied in the heroic historiography of Chinese civilization composed early in the Zhou period (1056-220 BCE)?  In what ways does this heroic historiography reflect concerns of the rulers of the Zhou, legitimating their conquest of the Shang and the inter-state system of authority established early in the Zhou?

 How may this heroic historiography be seen to converge with actual historical processes, both in the timing conventionally attributed to the formation of the Xia and in the ecological forces that required the heroic intervention of Yu 禺?  How does this historiography serve to naturalize the centripetal-centrifugal ideology at the basis of inter-state relations in the Zhou, as the apex and center of civilization?ASIA 20200: CONTEMPORARY ASIA: WORLD SYSTEMS IN TRANSFORMATION: MIDTERM EXAM 2  How did this centripetal-centrifugal ideology formulated in the Zhou develop in the course of China’s subsequent imperial history, most significantly in its legitimation of the conquest of non-Han peoples and in the tributary mode of diplomatic relations?  How did the position of the imperial capital as the terminus point in Silk Road trade and of China as a key destination in maritime trade reinforce and naturalize the conviction that the courts of the Han and the Tang and, more generally, of China as a whole, constituted the apex and only true nexus of civilization in the world?
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