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ENGLISH 101—Essay #6

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For your argumentative essay, you will use the readings in They Say, I Say, Chapter 14 entitled “Are 24, Family Guy, and Grand Theft Auto Actually Good for You?” We have already used some of the readings in this chapter for the Annotated Bibliography, and we will discuss the remaining essays in class. You will be required to use a minimum of four of the essays listed below for your chosen topic, meaning that you have quoted, used correct documentation, and prepared the Works Cited. Once you have chosen your readings, you will also need to select which position you will take on a defined issue.

Steven Johnson, “Watching TV Make You Smarter,” 213-30
Dana Stevens, “Thinking Outside the Idiot Box,” 231-35
Amy Goldwasser, “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” 236-40 Douglas Rushkoff, “Bart Simpson: Prince of Irreverence,” 241-56 Antonia Peacocke, “Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious,” 257-69 Sherry Turkle, “Can You Hear Me Now?” 270-81

Roz Chast, “The I.M.s of Romeo and Juliet,” 282-3
Naomi Rockler-Gladen, “Me Against the Media: From the Trenches of a Media Lit Class,” 284-92. George F. Will, “Reality Television: Oxymoron,” 293-6
Gerald Graff, “Hidden Intellectualism,” 297

Norton Field Guide, Chapter 9: Arguing a Position; review Chapter 31: Analyzing Causes and Effects

Chapter 14 provides essays with various perspectives on the value—positive or negative—of various media and popular culture. Some of the authors argue for intellectual value in the various media, depending on the consumer’s use or approach, while others see harm to both intellectual and social development. You should read the introduction from pages 211-12 and review the questions at the end of each reading, as well as review the notes from class discussions, to understand the issue. I have divided possible topics into the social and...
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