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Dear Faculty Staff Council,

Joining the National Junior Honor Society seems like a great opportunity for me to help our community. I really want to join NJHS to share my ideas. I am a nice person to work with, hard worker, and will be happy to do any community work that needs to be done. I am a good leader, as well as a participating citizen. I have shown citizenship because I like to help people as well as teachers. I have gotten the citizenship award every year in elementary school. I have also volunteered for a summer job (still volunteering).I work not only to be the best, but also to impress myself with all that I can do. I feel I could be a great member of the Nation Honor Junior Society. I feel I am a good enough scholar to keep up my grades and be given the responsibility of being a member of NJHS. I’ve been on honor roll for the whole school year now, and I plan to stay on it. I am a hard worker at school and always trying to do my best. When I try my hardest, it shows in my outstanding work. My good scholarship is represented by my grades. I put the most important things first. I hope to keep my grades up, and maybe go to college so I can be a LPN (licensed practical nurse) when I grow up. I have the quality of leadership that I believe

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