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6 Ways to Improve Your Distribution Operations
In the white paper standing up in a down economy: six strategies for improving operations and profits, you will get six winning approaches to survi...

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL USED BY MARUTI SUZUKI: Ways to Improve Your Distribution Operations 6 Ways to Improve Your Distribution Operations When times are hard, you can stay the course and hope for the best. Or, you can find creative and new ways to help your business succeed. In the white paper Standing Up in a Down Economy: Six Strategies for Improving Operations and Profits , you will get six winning approaches to survive the current downturn and propel your operation into a successful future. You'll learn the three most profitable lessons for a dis  8/11/2009

IBM’s “Shark” Eaten by EMC’s “BASS”
EMC announced its latest high-end Symmetrix models, capable of scaling up to 19.2 terabytes of disk space. Perhaps they should name it the BASS (Big-Advanced Storage System, for the more refined among you), since they’re trying to sink IBM’s “Shark”.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL USED BY MARUTI SUZUKI: IBM’s “Shark” Eaten by EMC’s “BASS” IBM’s “Shark” Eaten by EMC’s “BASS” R. Krause - May 16, 2000 Read Comments R. Krause - May 16, 2000 Event Summary EMC Corporation has launched a new high-end Symmetrix 8000 family, its latest entry into the enterprise storage market. Maximum capacity is 19.2 terabytes (TB), the highest/largest on the market, and surpassing IBM's Enterprise Storage Server by approximately eight TB. The top-of-the-line model is the 8730, which can hold up to 384  5/16/2000

Captured by Data
The benefits case for enterprise asset management (EAM) has been used to justify huge sums in EAM investment. But to understand this reasoning, it is necessary to explore how asset data can be used to further the aims of maintenance.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL USED BY MARUTI SUZUKI: SCT’s Process Manufacturing & Distribution Business) - Finally Fully Focused On Process Manufacturing | Datatex and Dan River Apparel Fabrics - Ten Years and Counting | Is Enterprise Market Consolidating? Exactly! | The Old ERP Dilemma - Should We Install The New Release? | Manugistics Indulges In The Open M&A Season. Part 2: Market Impact, Challenges, and User Recommendations | Manugistics Indulges In The Open M&A Season | Standardizing on One ERP System in a Multi-division Enterprise | Microsoft 'The  8/23/2006

Oracle Gets SAP'ed by IBM
SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced an agreement to expand their global sales, marketing and development relationship. As part of this agreement, the two companies will work together to provide expanded choices for customers that wish to implement and IBM's DB2 Universal Database on a variety of hardware platforms. Following in the footsteps of Siebel, SAP has abandoned Oracle and is standardizing on DB2 UDB as its preferred platform. The deal is estimated at $400 million in sales annually.

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Town Shoes' Sterling Division Goes Live with Vision Suite by Jesta I.S. » The TEC Blog

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL USED BY MARUTI SUZUKI: apparel industry software, fashion retailing, Jesta I.S. Vision Suite, merchandise lifecycle management, point of sale solution, supply chain...
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