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Topics: International trade, Free trade, Tariff Pages: 12 (3596 words) Published: October 28, 2010
International Islamic University Chittagong

Country Selection:
This group assignment aims to conduct an international market environment study of Germany trading partners of Bangladesh, mainly export destinations, focusing on the • Foreign trade practices of Bangladesh with those trading partners and • Trade barriers against Bangladesh exports to these countries. Methodology:

Specific Product Selection:
General Trade area.
Country’s marketing environment
Area: 357,114 sq. km. (137,846 sq. mi.); about the size of Montana. Cities (2007): Capital--Berlin (population about 3.41 million). Other cities--Hamburg (1.77 million), Munich (1.31 million), Cologne (995,000), Frankfurt (644,000), Essen (582,000), Dortmund (586,000), Stuttgart (597,000), Dusseldorf (581,000), Bremen (547,000), Hanover (518,000). Terrain: Low plain in the north; high plains, hills, and basins in the center and east; mountainous alpine region in the south. Climate: Temperate; cooler and rainier than much of the United States.

Nationality: Noun and adjective--German(s).
Population (2007): 82.2 million; population growth rate 2005-2010 (% per annum): -0.1; urban population (2007): 73.5%. Ethnic groups: Primarily German; 2.6 million citizens and residents of Turkish descent; Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east; 7.257 million foreign residents (2007); 18% of Germany’s inhabitants have an immigrant background (2008). Religions: Protestants (26 million); Roman Catholics (26 million); approximately 3.5 million Muslims. Language: German.

Education: Years compulsory--10; attendance--100%; literacy--99%. Health: Infant mortality rate (2008 est.)--4.03/1,000; life expectancy (2008 est.)--women 82.26 years, men 76.11 years. Persons employed (April 2009): 39.88 million; unemployed (April 2009): 8.6% of labor force.

Type: Federal republic.
Founded: 1949 (Basic Law, i.e., Constitution, promulgated on May 23, 1949). On October 3, 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic unified in accordance with Article 23 of the F.R.G. Basic Law. Branches: Executive--president (titular chief of state), chancellor (executive head of government); legislative--bicameral parliament; judicial--independent, Federal Constitutional Court. Administrative divisions: 16 Laender (states).

Major political parties: Social Democratic Party (SPD); Christian Democratic Union (CDU); Christian Social Union (CSU); Alliance 90/Greens; Free Democratic Party (FDP); Left Party (LP). Suffrage: Universal at 18.

GDP (2007 nom.): $3.317 trillion.
Annual growth rate: (2006) 2.7%; (2007) 2.5%; (2008 est.) 1.7%. Per capita GDP (2007 nom.): $40,415.
Inflation rate (April 2009): 1.5%;
Unemployment rate: (2007) 9.0%; (April 2009) 8.6%.
Natural resources: Iron, hard coal, lignite, potash, natural gas. Agriculture (0.9% of GDP in 2007): Products--corn, wheat, potatoes, sugar, beets, barley, hops, viticulture, forestry, fisheries. Industry (26.0 % of GDP in 2007): Types--car-making; mechanical, electrical, and precision engineering; chemicals; environmental technology; optics; medical technology; biotech and genetic engineering; nanotechnology; aerospace; logistics. Trade (2007): Exports--$1.328 trillion: chemicals, motor vehicles, iron and steel products, manufactured goods, electrical products. Major markets--France, U.S., and U.K. Imports--$1.059 trillion: food, petroleum products, manufactured goods, electrical products, motor vehicles, apparel. Major suppliers--France, Netherlands, U.S., China.

Overall international trade statistics
A new WTO Secretariat report on the trade policies of Bangladesh says that it has made considerable progress in reducing tariffs and quantitative restrictions on imports. While maintaining its liberal investment regime, Bangladesh should carry out further structural reforms in order to...
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