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Developing a market plan
NIVEA® is a well known beauty and skin care brand. It is owned by Beiersdorf, a worldwide company. In 1980 Beiersdorf launched the NIVEA FOR MEN® range internationally. This was the first alcoholfree aftershave balm on the market. NIVEA FOR MEN was first launched in the UK in 1998. In 2008 it was re-launched as part of a plan to market the full range of products in the UK. To do this, Beiersdorf put together a marketing plan for the re-launch. It decided which marketing activities to use to achieve its aims. This study shows how a marketing plan can help a business to respond to changes in what its customers expect and to meet its objectives.

What is a marketing plan?
A business plan sets the direction of a company. The marketing plan is part of the business plan. This aims to identify, predict and satisfy customer needs. A marketing plan shows the activities the business needs to do to achieve its targets. The main sections of the plan include: • SWOT analysis • objectives • marketing techniques • sales forecasts • budgets • evaluation.

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Assessing the market
The first step in a marketing plan is to look at the business, its brands and its products. This reviews the brand’s position and the state of the market. NIVEA FOR MEN needed to know what its male customers wanted and if any competitor products existed. To do this the company used a SWOT analysis. This looks at internal strengths and weaknesses. It also looks at external opportunities and threats in the market. The opportunities included a positive change in attitude – men were now likely to use skincare products.

Setting objectives
Marketing plans rely on setting clear targets. They must relate to the aims of the business. NIVEA FOR MEN set SMART objectives for its re-launch. These are: • Specific • Measurable •...
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