Nivea Case Study

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This report aims to examine the environmental analysis of men’s grooming products in general and analysing their trends. The report will also focus on Nivea for men’s target customer profile and will analyse its marketing strategies.

However, some of the new, emerging sectors, including men’s skincare and men’s haircare have gathered pace. Men are definitely showing a greater interest in looking after their personal appearance, although for many this means following a simple grooming regime (Mintel March 2006)


A sudden change has been noted in the way men have taken an interest indulging with personal care products. It has now become socially acceptable that men can moisturise just like women do although some men still think that grooming is for women. Social acceptance has given men the confidence to visit the spa – it is as if men have been given the permission to enjoy a treatment without being ridiculed. (VLM 2004) A growing influence of feminine values in the work place, communication, management has resulted in the revolution of a metro sexual male.

Men are taking care of the way they look than in the past. That is also driven by career pressure and society putting more pressure in the way people look. There have been some trends of men spending more on grooming products. According to market researchers Mintel group, metrosexuals are a world wide $8 billion-a-year industry, with the US accounting for more than $2.4 billion. Department stores alone sold $86 million worth of male grooming products in the first nine months of 2003. (

Recent trends have affected that use of male care products. Reports from national statistics show that heavy drinking is common amongst young men (31%) and (22%) for the girls under that age of 16 to 24. Since heavy drinking has become more common men are likely to go to places like pubs and would want to impress by looking good. In echoes the fact that there has been a rise in exploitation of events, with the example to University student Unions offering different events for students that encourage heavy drinking. Most people that go to such events are considered by the society as cool people, cool people always want to look presentable.

Figures from national statitics show that life expectancy has reached its highest. Men aged 65 could expect to live further 16.6 years and women a further 19.4 years if mortality rates remained as they were in 2003-05. ( As people are expected to live longer, they are exposed to the new living lifestyle and will definitely want to look good by taking care of themselves. Figure 1 shows the life expectancy rate.

Figure 1
Source: National Statistics


Most companies have recently started to invest more on researching on its male products with an aim of focusing the male customer needs. Research is done finding out what men feel about purchasing grooming products. Technology has become more sophisticated with the introduction of targeting customers using online database and loyalty cards. Some companies have taken a step ahead by investing in different machines that can be used to test different types of skins. Nivea for men has the configurator, where men can discover which product best suit their skin and what routine they can follow.

UK is now experiencing better logistics goods are easy to export faster and quicker. The operation is driven by demand consumers are becoming more sophisticated and have specific needs. This makes it easier companies that manufacture male products.


The politics surrounding the ingredients in some male grooming products can affect the whole environment in general. Suncreams, moisturisers and shampoos are being blamed for an alarming epidemic of skin complaints that include rashes, swelling and itching. European commission scientists believe that the chemical called methydibromo, glutaronitrile...
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