Nivea Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Strategic management Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Marketing Foundations
Professor: Vernette Sinaise
Nandy Nedd

1. A Marketing plan is defined as a plan to identify and then meet consumers’ requirements. NIVEA FOR MEN developed its marketing plan after doing a market research. Two pieces of data that NIVEA used when preparing its marketing plan to re-launch NIVEA FOR MEN are: a. Past performance data of NIVEA FOR MEN in the UK to see how the brand was performing and the promotion they used and who was buying the product, they were able to determine that women were buying for the men which allowed them to shift their focus to really targeting the men so they would not only look but buy the products b. Forecasting data so that they would be able to create a new marketing strategy. Due to their research they were able to determine that men are becoming much more interested in male skin products and that there was a demand for them which allowed them to be even more innovative in their product.

2. NIVEA used football sponsorship to help increase its sales of NIVEA FOR MEN products because it helped create stronger brand affinity (how well customers identify with the brand) among men. It also allowed the brand to build and maintain a consistent dialogue with men, which help drive sales. Research had indicated that women were more likely to buy skin care products than men. NIVEA needed to build a positive male image to associate with its products; football was a likely choice since it’s the most popular sport in the world. They promoted their product through a mixture of above- the- line (direct expenditure on advertising such as television and cinema adverts) which reached a wide audience and below-the-line (indirect expenditure such as free gifts, PR or competitions) promotion. The strategy worked because sales grew from 68 million pounds to over 117 million in ten years from 1998 to 2008.

3. SWOT analysis of NIVEA’s position just before the re-launch of NIVEA FOR MEN Internal|
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