Nitun Kundu: from Art to Enterprise

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A Case Study on

Nitun Kundu – from Art to Enterprise

Submitted to:
Ms. Jasmine Jaim
Lecturer, IBA-JU

Submitted by:
Group – Ecstasy

Institute of Business Administration
Jahangirnagar University

Date of Submission: February 25, 2012
Institute of Business Administration
Jahangirnagar University

Group Details
Name| I.D. Number|
Qamrul Alam Khan| 201201064|
Asraful Islam Chowdhury| 201201102|
Yasir Arafat| 2012010|
Tapon Kumar Shah| 2012010|
Anisur Rahman| 2012010|

Case Title:
Nitun Kundu – from Art to Enterprise

1. Summarize the case.
2. ‘Entrepreneurs use left-brain skills to harvest right-brain ideas’. Explain the statement analyzing the life story of Nitun Kundu. 3. Which term is appropriate for the creative activities of Nitun Kundu – ‘Windows’ or ‘Corridors’? Justify the opinion.

1. Summary of the Case (Nitun Kundu – from Art to Enterprise)

The famous artist Nitun Kundu was born in a lower middle class family on December 3 at Barobandar, Dinajpur in 1935. He was not only a famous artist but also a dynamic designer, ardent painter, freedom fighter as well as a successful entrepreneur. By born he was creative minded and in this consequence, after completing his school matriculation, he get admitted Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University in the department of painting. The diligent and dedicated Kundu passed a measurable time in his student life, so his professors loved him and excused him to take leave to earn extra money by painting movie posters. The young Kundu never lamented on his financial situation; rather became determined to do something creative through the inspiration of Zainul Abedin, Quamrul Hassan and Abonindo Thakur. This genius completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and stood 1st in his department. He wished to join as a faculty member of Fine Arts Institute but he took up the position of Chief Designer for cultural activities in the United States Information Service (USIS). After 12 years of service at USIS, he left the organization and once again hoped to become a faculty member of Fine Arts Institute. But the dream remained unfulfilled to the patriot Kundu because during the 1970s, he immersed himself in the Liberation war. He used to paint banners and posters for the war and one of his iconic posters of that time was “Shodajagroto Banglar Muktibahini”. After Independence of Bangladesh, Kundu married in 1972 and became a father in1974 with birth of his daughter Amiti Kundu and later his son Amitesh Kundu. The responsible Kundu realized that he had a family of his own to take care of. He turned his living room into his studio where he made small wooden and clay decoration pieces- which he sold and earn enough to run his household. Later the talent Kundu joined with BTOPI as a designer and the company was very pleased with his work. He gained experience and expertise in this field and decided to open his owned company named OTOBI and rented a place on Elephant Road and a small factory on Tophaka Road. OTOBI grew bigger and bigger, but even then Kundu made sure that he taught some skills and techniques to his employees by hand. He visited fairs and factories all across the world to familiarize himself with the latest designs and technologies. Now his daughter Amiti heads OTOBI as the director and his son Amitesh is the managing director. Kundu had taught them well about the social responsibility of a business organization. He was a brilliant entrepreneur and always prioritized customer satisfaction, but made no compromise in terms of aesthetics. This innovative artist did a lot for our country. He designed National Film Award trophy, Asia Cup Cricket trophy, BTV-Natun Kuri, Ekushey Padak, President Gold Cup and so on. He was also the creator of ‘Shabash Bangladesh’ statue at Rajshahi University, ‘SAARC Fountain’ at Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, historic ‘Indira Mancha’ at Suhwardy Uddyan, ‘Sampan’ at Chittagong Airport etc. Before his...
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