Nitrogen Fixation

Topics: Meaning of life, William Shakespeare, Actor Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: January 29, 2013

Do we as humans only live to die? One can’t understand the life of another, unless he/she has experienced that life first hand. People don’t realize that we (humans) are all playing the same role in life. William Shakespeare brilliantly clarifies the true meaning of life through his poem “All the worlds a stage.” Truth of life, destiny, and human ambition can be seen more clearly through theater than from life itself. The most elaborate themes from the poem are: the fact of all people being actors and how life is scripted.

Biologically, life has always been broken down into three stages, however, Shakespeare separates life (of man) into several stages. These stages being: Infancy, Childhood, the Lover, the Soldier, the Justice, Old Age and then Death. The line, “And all the men and women are merely players,” denotes how we (humans) are all voluntary actors from the same script (which forces us to all through the previously listed seven stages of life). The script simply translates to our individual roles in society, and it would be difficult for any actor to project their own impending doom, therefore, I do agree with Shakespeares’ claim. We are all going through a pre-scripted life, and there is nothing that we can do to change any portion of that life. For if we make a decision that goes against what we know is written, then we couldn’t have really known such a thing if the outcome (of our life, the end result of our perseverance) is the same. Basically, all things that are grand, which we wish for in this, “soldier” stage, is false hope; these are things that will never occur, or at least we aren’t sure of its possibilities to occur. “People do not perform for people, while performing as people,” says William Shakespeare. We as people, may not earn the same achievements, but we read from the same script, therefore, we are all given the same opportunity.

Although, mankind is destined to suffer the same fate, each person is their own...
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