Nissan's Boss: Carlos Ghosn Saved, Japan's No.2 Automaker

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Nissan’s Boss: Carlos Ghosn Saved
Japan’s No.2 Automaker. Now He’s
Taking on the World
Telly Thornton

Instructor: ALLEN BARTON
Carlos Ghosn has the hottest automotive talent in the world currently. The main elements of Ghosn’s approach to leadership are his characteristic fashion— and sterling track record for turnarounds of failing companies. Ghosn gets in your face and digs deep into an organization by constant and often unexpected visits to dealerships, test track assembly plants, parts suppliers, and he isn’t shy about

setting sky high targets. This is what we call the directive leadership approach. Why is he an effective leader? He is and has proven to be an effective leader, by his ability to persuade his subordinates to work hard and perform well at a high level. With his sterling track record,

and evidence of him being responsible for turning around companies that was once failing providing
proof and establishing his self as a star attraction.
What is his approach to managing conflict and influencing Nissan’s managers and employees?
When conflicts arise Ghosn and Schweitzer normally work things out prior to an alliance board meeting.
This is what we call the participative approach. Ghosn’s realizes that he is nothing without an inspired workforce. The only power that a CEO contains is motivation. He states that the rest is nonsense.

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