Nissan Leaf Commercial

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Automobile Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: July 24, 2013
I agree with the text book’s analysis of the Nissan Leaf commercial. The ad does use visual narrative to convey both a casual and an ethical argument. In this case, it is understood that the people buying electric cars were doing it for the environment. In the beginning of the commercial, the ad brings out images of ice melting, ice caps crashing down into the ocean, and a lone bear stranded on an ice sheet miles away from land. These are the three most recognized images of global warming. The ad argues that these events are real, immediate, and threatening. In the text book’s analysis is it said that, “By implication, it argues that the high volume of carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles-in other words, human actions-has caused this increased rate of malting and destruction of polar bears’ habitat”. This significant implication was shown when the polar bear was padding along a country highway where is growls at a passing diesel truck.

The main purpose of this argument is to sell the Nissan Leaf vehicle. However, there are also a few other purposes. One being making a healthier environment and to reverse the effects of global warming. I believe that the appeals used by this commercial include all three: pathos, ethos, and logos.  It uses emotion with the polar bear losing his home, having to swim farther distances to reach land, and being lost and confused.  It uses character because it shows the polar bear hugging the man with the eco-friendly car at the end and makes the audience feel as though they can save the planet as well.  It uses implied facts and reason by acknowledging that the planet is changing and could be undergoing global warming and that society has a need for cars as well.  Therefore, this commercial is effective in showing people that they can compromise, doing better for the environment, but not having to give up using cars. The argument is shaped in a way that consumers can view this product and think past it being "just...
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