Nissan Leaf

Topics: Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle, Toyota Prius Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: June 23, 2011
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Nissan has unveiled its success promising 'Leaf' to automobile market. Unlike Toyota 'Prius' or GM 'Volt', which are made of hybrid and plug-in hybrid engine system, Leaf runs solely on electricity. Nissan started developing Leaf in 1992, investing massive 6 billion dollars to create this extremely environment-friendly vehicle. Leaf has a table-sized battery installed under the drivers' seat which can run about 160 kilometers when fully charged. The owner of Leaf will need to purchase a 2000 dollar battery charging equipment in their garage for their convenience. Carlos Taveres, America's Nissan chairman, says that hybrids and plug-in hybrids are just another ‘phase’ of this pure electric car. He says that it only costs 2 dollars and 50 cents to fully charge the car, and even assures that there won’t be any gas stations in the future. Nevertheless, some people doubt the capability of Nissan 'Leaf' because the price of this electric vehicle is too high while technology keeps on improving. Leaf will be sold in Canada by the end of this year, however, the price of Leaf hasn't been announced yet. Experts assume that the price of Leaf will be about twenty thousand dollars. By driving in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we can make a significant contribution to making our environment much greener. Fuel efficient cars produce fewer emissions (even no emission at all) and smog-producing gases than less-efficient cars do. Therefore, it reduces pollution in the air that we all breathe in. These fuel efficient cars are also more efficient in city traffic and the battery never needs to be plugged in as the gas motor charges when the car is running. People nowadays are very concerned about the amount of money they spend on gas. According to a survey, (, 2010) it is reported that drivers spend averagely 260 dollars for gas each month. I am positive that some people including myself spend more than 260 dollars on gas every month....
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