Nissan Green Program 2016

Topics: Nissan Motors, Carlos Ghosn, Environmentalism Pages: 9 (2271 words) Published: May 10, 2013

Presented to Dr. Rasheed Abou Hamdan
Done by Marwa Khreis


Introduction: 1- Definition of social responsibility.
2- Definition of Green business. 3- Introduction of Nissan Green Program 2016.

Body: 1- Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn speak with the Global
Media Center.
2- Nissan Motor Company announced about a new environmental action plan.
3- Progress Achieved in the Nissan Green Program 2016.
4- Nissan announces new mid-term environmental plan. a- No.1 in Zero-Emission Vehicles b- Leading fuel efficiency c- Leading low corporate carbon footprint d- Leading closed-loop recycling

Conclusion: 1- The new Nissan LEAF

Social responsibility describes the duty of care that corporations, governments, charities and institutions all have to their stakeholders. To keep the confidence of customers, employees, shareholders and a growing array of other organizational stakeholders, you need to establish a meaningful framework embedding responsible decision making into all of your activities. The recognition by the companies that there is close link between an organization's decisions and its actions has consequences on the natural environment. In the past the organizations did not paid much attention to the environment which is affecting by their activities. There were small groups who showed their concerns in protecting the environmental and natural resources. There are many manufacturing entities and factories that are adding damage to the natural environment for the sake of getting money and getting rich. They have no concern for the environment. So, this awareness is aroused by some environmental protection group and they highlighted in the media for the protection of environment so the companies started to pay attention in cleaning and safer environment. Green business is smart business. Going green provides bottom line cost savings, as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It allows your company to act proactively to address new environmental requirements from vendors and suppliers, while getting ahead of upcoming legislation. A solid environmental program also attracts the highest quality employees to your company and keeps those that you have happy and healthy. Green companies operate their businesses to meet their needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. The benefits of green business management include reducing business expenses. Increasing customer awareness about the environment helps increase and retains customers, thereby increasing your profits. The article takes a look at these and more benefits of green business. Now I will display about a new program of Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn which is Nissan Green Program 2016.

Nissan’s philosophy toward the environment, “Seeking a symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature,” describes our ideal for a sustainable mobile society, now and in the future. We launched the Nissan Green Program with specific objectives to realize this goal, and we are pursuing it energetically.

“At Nissan, a company built on technological...
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