Nissan Case Study

Topics: Perception, The Europeans Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: December 27, 2011
According to Ian Milburn, Deputy Managing Director, NETC, key elements that they are leading, can’t succeed without sales, marketing and suppliers. The quality that they want to achieve was basic quality and attractive quality. Dr. Steve Evans had explained the ways that NISSAN incorporates to succeed along with its suppliers. Brian Payne informs that FICOSA, a Spanish multinational corporation which involves research, development and producing automotive components is also involved in this process. Dave Corr, Electric Car Corporation plc talks about breaking down barriers between Nissan and its suppliers. Developed with Cranfield University, the scheme is targeting all important areas of component development. The name “COGENT” was derived from the Latin, which mean “Drive forward together”. Today the word is used to describe the idea of compelling and convincing (Co-operation regeneration tool). Both meaning are very appropriate to Nissan Cogent. It is a three way partnership which includes 89 suppliers involving 900 supplier personnel. Cogent runs hand in hand with next 21 programs of Nissan. Cogent aims to have the research and development in close alignment with Nissan. Due to 80% of cost, quality, performance at development phase, working practice changes. This mean Nissan’s European operation can continue to rival with world class standards of its Japanese sister plants. In 1984, manufacturing unit in Sunderland, northeast England was built as a part of its first commitment to the UK. Bluebird was replaced by Primera in May 1990. Two years later, the plant was expanded to produce a second model- Micra. In 1993, Micra was awarded the European car of the year and in 1996, New Primera was released. By 2000, 90% of Nissan sold in Europe was built in Europe. Sunderland and Barcelona manufacturing plants produced the main European volume selling models which demonstrates the vital importance of Nissan’s European operations The Nissan European...
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