Nissan and Toyota Hybrid Engines

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Toyota and Nissan are immense automotive manufactories. They were both founded in Japan by Japanese founders. Toyota was founded in1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda (Wikipedia, 2007). Nissan was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa three years before Toyota, in 1934(Wikipedia, 2007). Both of them considered nowadays two of the largest car manufactures around the world. Although they have their headquarters in Japan, they still can perform and control their businesses around all over the world. They use the latest technologies in management, marketing, manufacturing, and competing with other companies.

The successful factor in this kind of businesses is applying a flawless technology. The role of technology is important to lead the company sustain in higher position than other competitors in the same field. Additionally, we know that car production is a vast market where any small mistake could make the company lose reputation, customers then bankruptcy in some cases. Therefore, the impact of technology should be reflected on the company’s processes, functions and operations.

Accordingly, Toyota and Nissan have, in my point of view, a strong and solid strategies which are capable to assist them being on the top of automakers. Of course they have different techniques but apparently the goals are sort of similar.

If we compare their mission vision statements, we find that both of them concern about customers’ satisfaction and some other elements like environment and the stakeholders. This explains that they are going along each other with same future goals but with diverse strategies or at least they follow each other in order to get the biggest market share in the automobile markets around the world.

Enabling of E-business:
Prior the revolution of the World Wide Web, the interaction with all agents and branches for a multinational business, such as Toyota and Nissan, was hard. They were using a regular mail services or fax for paper transactions and phone calls for other communications purposes. Especially for auto making companies like Toyota and Nissan in the case of having their headquarters in Japan with long distance between them and their branches in US for example. They could have intermediation to facilitate the financial and other management aspects in order to understand other countries’ regulations and commercial policies.

Afterward, the internet has made communications easier and faster. That forced most (if not all) companies to change their strategies and make it more automotive to increase their chances of getting the benefits of internet in order to expand their businesses. On the other hand, the chance of getting information and financial data about competitors has become grater which helped Nissan and Toyota understand how they perform and control the market.

This made the competition between Toyota and Nissan becomes sharp. It is not only a matter of communication technology now. They started to use the latest technology in the functions of manufacturing in their production lines.

Impact of IT:
Instead of having every piece assembled by hand, they automated many processes to be done automatically by robots. That issue made Toyota and Nissan to abandon many of their manpower. This was one of the bad effects of IT in that days where many people thought of that as non-ethical issue of IT. But the companies have done this in the sack of competition which was measured by enabling of IT. It became a necessity to get the lead of the market.

Vision and Mission:
Toyota’s vision is clear enough to explain what the company is looking for in future. “Toyota aims to achieve long-term, stable growth in harmony with the environment, the global economy, the local communities it serves, and its stakeholders” (, 2003). If we look at it and try to evaluate it with the elements of a good vision, we find that it is exactly effective statement. It is imaginable, describable, flexible...
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