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The Research Proposal

Does Nirma need to look at reinventing their marketing mix?

Rationale for Study:
Nirma is a market leader in the FMCG sector in India. With the passage of time increasing competition Nirma’s Market share has diminished. The time has come for Nirma to look to new avenues and reinvent its marketing mix to recapture their lost and untapped consumer’s imagination. This Study is focused on making the above decisions for Nirma.

Theoretical framework:
The 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place & Promotion.


Primary Data:
Data Collection via Questionnaires to various consumers & retailers through methods such as telephone & face to face.
Secondary Data:
Data access through the internet & news journals.

Action Plan:
Research process was initiated with a thorough study on Nirma. This included background and related information on the company through the various sources as stated above. The objective of the research is to understand whether the company needs to look into reinvention of its marketing mix.

a. Symptomatic Situation: Latent
b. Sample Design: Random
c. Sample Frame: Consumers (Male & Female) & Retailers d. Sample Units: Consumers: 25; Retailers: 6.
e. Time Boundaries: 5 days (28th March, 2009 – 1st April, 2009) f. Space Boundaries: HISAR(HARYANA)
g. Specific Environment Condition: Urban
Once the research objectives were in place, I decided upon the Research Design. For this particular research project, I felt that Exploratory Research would be most appropriate. At this step the methodology for information collection was designed. This included designing the data collection forms – how many, what questions etc. Once the above steps were completed, the sample frame and sample size was identified. This involves understanding what would be the target-public for achieving the research objectives, i.e. Who and How many. Finally the above preparation and planning was translated into action. The survey was carried out. The information in its various forms was effectively laid out for analysis and interpretation by * Entering data onto the computer

* Inspecting Data
* Tabulations and Tally Marks
* Converting into charts, graphs, etc.

The Research process was completed and recommendations were made customized on the basis of the information collected.

Problems faced while going about with the Research Process
1. Lack of awareness about the vast product line.
2. Misconceptions regarding pricing.
3. Preconceived notions regarding the product.
4. Faulty distribution channel.

About the Company
Nirma is the Rs.17 billion Detergents, Soaps and Personal Care Products Brand, a market leader in the Indian detergent market and second largest in bathing soaps... the brand NIRMA being one of the world's biggest in it's segment... a result of it's mission to provide 'Better Products, Better Value, Better Living'. Starting as a one-product one-man outfit in 1969, Nirma became a Rs 17 billion company within three decades. The company had multi-location manufacturing facilities, and a broad product portfolio under an umbrella brand – Nirma. The company's mission to provide, "Better Products, Better Value, Better Living" contributed a great deal to its success. Nirma successfully countered competition from HLL and carved a niche for itself in the lower-end of the detergents and toilet soap market.

The brand name became almost synonymous with low-priced detergents and toilet soaps. However, Nirma realized that it would have to launch products for the upper end of the market to retain its middle class consumers who would graduate to the upper end. At Rs 6, Nirma, named after his daughter, was the cheapest detergent vying for attention on shop shelves. By the late 1980s, Nirma had become one of...
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