Nirala Supply Chain Management

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Table of Contents
Core Values3
Target market4
Major Competitors in Pakistan5
Supply chain management5
Supply chain Process of Nirala5
Inbound Logistics7
Out bound logistics8
Price Strategy9
Efficiency Vs Responsiveness9
Chase strategy9
Time flexibility from workforce10
Consumer’s data base10
Corporate events10
Future plans11

Over half a century ago, the foundation of Nirala was laid in Lahore, Pakistan, with the commitment to provide people with delectable quality delights. The great journey started when Taj Din migrated from Amritsar, India, to Lahore and started a small breakfast shop in the inner city of Lahore in 1948. Over the years, his family has embraced the timeless traditional values of good taste and unmatched quality, by bringing fresh mouth watering to the customers. Anmol Company holds the exclusive franchise rights in Pakistan for Nirala Sweets & food products. Anmol Company is responsible for manufacturing, distributing and selling Nirala Sweets, which is undoubtedly the leading brand in the Mithai market in Pakistan. On January 1999, Nirala opened its 1st outlet outside Lahore making an instant success. Now Nirala is also makes dairy products in addition to sweets, namkeenz & running a restaurant. Nirala today has37 Branches in Pakistan with Presence in 9 Cities Including, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot & Gujranwala. Nirala has Presence in 4 Regions of the World including Sharjah, Dubai, Canada, USA and Europe. Vision

The vision is to make Nirala a global brand, a brand recognizable for its uniqueness and quality in ethnic food market all around the world. In this perspective it consider itself as an innovative and a pioneer company, continuously offering unique products and interesting service concepts that others haven’t even dreamt of. Core Values

The core values of the organization which they consider the Spirit of Nirala have not changed over the past half century. Those values and traditions which have made the brand Nirala a market leader for the past 60 years are: * Continuous Improvement

* Innovation
* Integrity
* Team work and
* Social Responsibility
* Administration
* Finance & Accounts
* Human Resource
*   Marketing
*   Milk Procurement
*   MIS
*   Production
*   Quality Assurance
* Retail Store
*   Shop Operations
*   Store & Procurement
*   Supply & Distribution
* VAS (Value added services )
* Mithai
* Snakes
* Dairy
* Beverages
Target market
The target market of Nirala is the upper and corporate class. Major Competitors in Pakistan
Nirala do not consider any one a direct competitor though indirectly it has many competitors .Some of them (area wise)are given below. Lahore
* Gourmet
* Fazal sweets
* Rafique sweets
* Butt sweets
Islamabad-Rawal pindi
* Jameel Sweets
* Fresco Sweets
* Qasr-e-shaheen
Supply chain management
The Nirala ensures timely and effective distribution of the products to chain of Nirala sweets stores spread all across Pakistan. From Transportation to obtaining route permits and approvals, is done by this department.

Supply chain Process of Nirala
Firstly the production department of Nirala receives projections from the sales department for example what products should be produced, how much quantity needs to be produced, what are the products that need more production than the rest etc. Sales Manager is responsible to deliver all these information and projections about the total quantity need to be produced. Production department then make the products accordingly which results in two products semi finished products and finished or ready to dispatch...
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