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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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A Raisin in the Sun questions – Act II
Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

ACT II, Scene I
1. When does Act II begin? What is Beneatha doing as the first scene opens? What is she wearing? She is wearing ceremonial clothing from Africa and doing a tribal dance to welcome the men back home. 2. Why does Walter join her in the dance? OMIT!!!!!!!

3. How does the arrival of George Murchison change the mood of the scene? It is playful 4. Beneatha calls George an “assimilationist.” What does she mean by that? She means that he does what everyone else is doing. He does not respect or appreciate his history. 5. What is Walter’s attitude toward George? He is very rude to George, and he is angry that George has no idea what it is like to be poor and have to work for things. 6. What is George’s attitude toward Walter? He looks down upon Walter; he has no time for him. 7. How does Ruth try to ease Walter’s mood? She tries to be soothing and calm him down. She tries to encourage him without bending to his will. 8. What evidence is there that Walter and Ruth still love each other, despite their problems? He goes to her after he is mean to her. 9. What news does Mama break to the family in this scene? She has put a down payment on a house. 10. How do Ruth and Walter react to Mama’s news? What does Walter accuse Mama of? Ruth is excited; Walter is angry.

ACT II, Scene II
1. When does Scene II begin? In what condition is the apartment when Beneatha arrives home from a date with George? There are packing crates throughout the apartment, and the two of them seem aggravated with each other. 2. What sort of woman does George say he wants Beneatha to be? And why doesn’t George want to listen to Beneatha’s ideas? He wants her to be like women as supposed to be in society. He feels that Beneatha is radical with his thoughts and that they are funny. 3. When Beneatha asks George why he goes to college, what is his reply?...
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