Nine Queens

Topics: English-language films, American films, Antagonist Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 3, 2011
I found the movie “Nine Queens” to be one interesting movie in which in order to understand each scene you had to be able to pay attention to detail. Both characters Marcos and Juan teamed up perfectly and used their instincts in performing small crimes. They eventually got their big break and had the opportunity to obtain up to a half a million dollars. There had to encounter many different people in order to obtain the nine queen stamps. I found it hilarious that every person both Marcos and Juan encountered wanted a commission in what they were going to collect within the value of the stamps. At first it seemed that Juan was the nice guy because within every scandal they performed he had a bad conscience and for some reason what he did was not morally right. Marcos on the other hand didn’t feel sorry for any crime he had committed because he knew that in the long run he was doing what he did best in order to have an income. It was towards the end of the movie where we find out who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. As soon as both main characters received the check for 500,000 dollars everything seemed to go wrong. Instead of receiving cash they received a check and the bank where it was referred to had been closed down. At is at this point where we thought the story would come to an end but boy were we wrong. During the last few minutes of the movie we are directed to a storage room where Juan meets up with all of the people who were entitled cuts to the nine queen stamps. Juan managed to swipe away all the money for himself even though the idea had been all Marcos’s. I found the movie nine queens to be magnificent and eye opening. I came to the conclusion in which everyone cannot be trusted even though they may seem innocent. You can’t judge a book by its cover because in the end the cover might actually fool you.
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