Nine Innings to Ground Zero

Topics: New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 23, 2013
John Humphrey
Sports Management

Nine Innings to Ground Zero

America has always used sports to help with dealing of difficult times and emotions. 9-11 was just another prime example. America first clung to sports during the Great Depression, to show that we can move forward from whatever is thrown at us. We took the same approach in 2001. The New York Yankees, predominantly hated by America, had become America’s team. The entire country (minus Arizona) were beginning to support the “Evil Empire”.

The players of the New York Yankees were having such a major impact on nearly everyone’s life. The Yankees were going out of their way to do anything they could for the families impacted significantly. The Yankees consoled families at the armory, invited family members to Arizona for their two final games, and even gave family members of victims private tours of Yankee Stadium. Bernie Williams giving a women a hug was a small act that created such a major impact on her life. This women had walked into the armory, looking so distraught that Bernie Williams didn’t know what to do so he had offered her a hug. It was phenomenal the impact the players had, not only Bernie Williams but Derek Jeter as well. A girl who’s father was the pilot of one of the planes that crashed, requested Derek Jeter to call her. Not only did Derek Jeter call her, but he gave her a private tour of Yankee Stadium (Nine Innings). The girls recently saddened life had a recent uprise. These minor things kept America united, brought smiles, and tears of joy. These are all prime examples of how baseball brought Americans back to the social norm of society.

The Yankees had also gave Americans something to take their mind off the disaster. A few times a week people were able to forget about the sadness, the deaths, and the pain of the destruction. The Yankees were bringing the Nation together, giving someone to root for whether they were a Yankees fan or not. Every night families were...
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