Nikoson Home Service Car Wash

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A Feasibility Study on improving the car wash of Nikoson
1.How can Nikoson Car Wash apply the added service efficiently? 2.How can Nikoson Car Wash influence potential customers in Pacita that this service is better than the traditional car wash? 3.How can Nikoson Car Wash best promote its services to customers? 4.How can Nikoson convince the customers to use their water supply and electricity for washing and cleaning the vehicles? 5.How can the business run the new added service with fewer debts? 6.How can Nikoson earn more profit to support the PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PFPI)?

Objectives of the Study
The main goal of the study is to ascertain whether the Home Service car wash will be beneficial to both the establishment and its customers. It also attempts to:
1.Determine how the resources can be maximized efficiently. 2.Know how to proficiently locate the exact area of the customer availing the service with fewer time lags. 3.Advertise the unique service to the Pacita populace through or near accessible or landmark places. 4.Enhance the laborers’ skills resulting to a more productive performance. 5.Maintain optimum expenses in implementing the new concept. 6.Be of service by supporting the PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PFPI).

Brief Background of the Study
Cars are considered essential for hectic people such as business men, part time professors, office employees, and other workers who have in demand jobs. Opiniano, J. (2009) concurs that OFW households choose to accumulate savings to buy car instead of luxury homes. They prioritize convenience first especially when travelling or shifting from one place to another. The rationale why they still bring their vehicles even if fuel, toll and parking fees are costly is to lessen exhaustion and to somehow handle their time much possibly. Like houses, vehicles have to be cleaned as well. Butterfield (2004) actually states that there are three reasons why it is a compulsory to wash our car. One is corrosion which dirt and mud destroy a vehicle’s paint, metal and chrome. Next is for our safety wherein filthy and blurry windows, mirrors and headlights would deter a clear vision of the road. Our last concern is for the resale value of the vehicle in which well maintenance would add or uphold its value when traded or sold. Due to global competitive and innovative market, humans become busier and they are running out of time to do the simple tasks. As a result, they rather go to hand car wash shops to clean their big or small cars than to make their time fly in washing it on their own. In fact, the researchers chose this topic based on their own experiences and preferences, that waiting for the car wash to be done is too boring and just a waste of time. In order to be on top of this industry, one effective key to enrich customer’s satisfaction is by executing a home service car wash. By expanding its service, it will eradicate the burden of the customers in allocating or giving time for car wash. Also, it opens a chance for the business to earn more profit and extend the shop in different places. The researchers selected Nikoson Car Wash to be found in Pacita Complex I Biñan, Laguna as the existing business to improve because provinces would avail the home service more feasibly, for majority of them have no personal drivers unlike the populace in the city. Laguna was chosen since it is where one of the researchers resides.

The researchers will assume that:
1.67% of the target market has an income bracket of P100,000 to 500,000 while the 33% has an income bracket of P500,001 and above. The income bracket range indicates the capability of the target market to afford, use and maintain an automobile. 2.The customer availing the home service car wash will provide the water supply and consumption of electricity. 3.The Nikoson Car Wash will avail of the PLDT Sulittalk as the telephone line of the...
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