Nikita Jigurda and Prometheus Rebellions and Their Deeds

Topics: Rebellion, Understanding, Zeus Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Nikita Jigurda and Prometheus rebellions and their deeds

Every day we face a choice. To go on a lesson or not, to do homework or not, to study or go to cinema, to be follow advice of the elder or to reject and make your own the choice? Every day we either agree to something or we reject it. And thus we form a society, in which each of us sometimes the conformist, and sometimes the rebel, but who they actually, these rebels? Nikita Jigurda and Prometheus are vivid examples of rebels. One is from the present and the other is from the mystical past. But both try or tried to deliver a certain idea to a society. I will try to draw a parallel between them, to show difference and similarity, to understand the reason of their rebelliousness and to explain their actions.

Nikita Jigurda - the actor, a script writer, the song singer, well and very scandalous person in the Internet. The typical rebel, with ardent character, ability openly to use not standard lexicon and slangy words. What is hidden behind its extravagant person, what latent sense bears its rebellious behavior? Attentively having listened to words from its clip it is possible to understand and hear that he speaks to the people. He says to them about their freedom, that they do not depend on anybody. Speaks to them about that they should throw off the fetters and to be free from all restrictions which the government and religion put on them. But he presents it in informal form that makes its very hard for understanding much, even for me at the beginning it seemed to be incomprehensible gibberish, but many a true word is spoken in jest. After all it is impossible to simply go to the street and to speak to all, that they are free that the government and religion is fetters who do not allow people to open the full potential. It is impossible. Therefore he resorts to such not standard actions. He collects crowds of fans in social networks which basically consist of youth and as all of us know the nation...
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