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Product: The product that I am choosing to write about is the Nike LunarGlide +3 running shoes.

(a) List the typical stages of consumer buying process as discussed in the textbook. The typical stages of consumer buying process include need recognition, information search, the evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post purchase behavior. Need recognition occurs when the buyer realizes they have a problem or need which is triggered by either internal or external stimuli. [1] The information search begins when consumers collect information pertaining to the product. This comes form sources, which include personal, commercial public and experiential. Once the information is gathered, the evaluation of alternatives takes place and the consumer uses the information to decide on brand choices. Next comes the purchase decision. During this phase of the consumer buying process, attitudes of others as well as unexpected situational factors affect the purchasing decision of the buyer. Finally, the consumer measures their expectations against the perceived performance of the product and determines their level of satisfaction.

(b) For your purchased product briefly describe it and the generic need or want it fulfills The Nike LuarGlide +3 running shoe target consumers who have the tendency to have a mild to moderate over pronating step to their run. This shoe caters to this particular step for runners. This shoe also has a feature called a floating heal support clip that helps keep the back of the foot from rolling inward or outward upon landing. And dynamic support in the midsole provides confortable stability without added weight or stiffness. There is also a slot in the shoe for a nikeplus chip which connects to other devices which allows you to track distance, pace, time, and amount of calories that are burned during your run.

(c) Consider the steps you went through before, during, and after buying and using the product. Need Recognition: I...
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