Nike Rebound Solution

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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* Strengthening the global supply chain. Technology companies are more dependent on oversea suppliers than ever. In fact supply chain interruptions are one of the biggest risks today and obtain result in significant productivity and revenue losses. The management of Nike rebound should learn how to build resiliency into their supply chain .Despite the fact Nike rebound have undergone into supply chain disaster” supply chain management” is network that is involved buying, making, moving, selling and distribution (Hugos 2006) . Nike rebound supply chain disaster; Wolframe calls the i2 problem? A software glitch that cost Nike more than 100 million dollars in lost sales, depressed it stock price by 20 percent. Nike june 2000 problem with its i2 system reflect the double whammy typical of high profit enterprise computing failure. * Selling in social network: what the management of Nike rebound team need to success with today’s customers. Are they top executive in sales and marketing wondering how a social media strategy fit in their business? Or are the management of Nike rebound a sales or marketing professional who want to discuss the benefit of social selling with their managers, and executive directors or board of directors. Such social world (networks) include Facebook and Google trend etc. Facebook: Facebook this is a social network that can help the management of Nike rebound to advertised their product. Google trends: helps the management to find the latest development and also can help the management to put their location on world map. These social networks helps through displaying the picture and relevant information about the company which provide higher level of awareness overall. * Hanessing the power of big data to improved business execution: the amount of data available to your organization is growing at a staggering 40 percent each year .If they can analyse their people and business data with amazing depth...
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