Nike Position Paper

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  • Published : January 19, 2012
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Nike Position Paper

In our prevalent society today, there is an intricate debate between boycotting and supporting many different transnational corporations such as Nike, Inc. It has been inferred that Nike breaches multiple human rights acts and workplace violations. Dissidently, Nike’s total net income is 273.4 billion dollars and their annual revenue adds up to approximately 19 billion dollars. This concludes that global citizens are more than voluntary to purchase their merchandise and endorse their business. Nike is involved in several environmental projects such as building athletic courts out of recycled shoes and their “air pockets” in numerous models of sport sneakers use nitrogen instead of SF6, which is a greenhouse gas. Nike also has “green” events associated with The Green Project of Long Island in New York State. Nike manufactures in over 30 countries and sells in over 160, with about 36,000 employees’ total. They also have rights to Hurley International and Nike invests in professional athletes to promote their goods. Nike has dynamic and monumental marketing skills that influence our generation conspicuously. In correlation, multinational business’ pay acceptable wages to workers because they have an innumerable amount of expenses unseen by most people. Corporations have significant distribution and tariff expenses bringing their products to market. Furthermore, transnationals’ pay acceptable wages given that profit margins are not as great as people may assume. Competition between producers is so fierce that profits for 214 companies in 1999 were limited to an average of 8.3%. A wage premium is also applied where wages are 40% to 100% greater than the average rate in many developing countries. It has been fathomed that Nike violates labor laws. But, anti-globalization people often distort the truth on this topic, as in the case of the fake German documentary film against Ikea. It has also been acquiesced that corporations exploit their...
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