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Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Gay Marriage
Vincent A. Stewart
Joseph Abbas

Gay Marriage

Since beginning of the human race idea of marriage has been a spiritual bond among a male and a female. But in recent years the as we have become increasingly more liberal as a nation ideas have shifted. Today we live in a society where if it makes you feel good then do it. If we continue along this pattern of immorality then in my belief our future as a nation looks dim. Let me be clear before I continue with my argument, I am in no way a “hater” of homosexuals but I do have negative feelings about the act itself. Our children will be exposed and forced to except this way of life because schools will be forced to accept it and eventually promote it as being equal to heterosexual marriage. Officials will be forced to perform ceremonies for gay couples even if it goes against religious beliefs or be labeled as a bigot and possibly face legal ramifications. The acceptance of Gay marriage will lead people involved in other nontraditional relationships the right to marry including those in polygamy, incestuous and bestial. “The movement for polygamy is poised to use the successes of the same sex couples as a springboard for further deinstitutionalizing marriage”. Glen Lavy With the acceptance of gay marriage more children will be living in same sex households with is not the ideal environment for a child’s upbringing. Studies show that a child who is raised by a mother and father. According to a study done in April 2001 children of same sex parents have higher probability to experiment in homosexual activities. Children of same sex couples, although I am sure they love their parents but the questions will arise about the relationship and the child will long for a mother or father just like in a single parent home. The child is sometimes made to feel guilty about questioning and wondering why they don’t have a mother and a father. A famous TV...
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