Nike Globalization

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Nike Globalization By:Randell Smith
Nike is well known around the whole world. They are the largest seller of athletic apparel and athletic footwear. The Nike logo, that is a swoosh, is one of the most recognizable business logos on earth. The logo is more than just a symbol. Nike is a prime example of the way a company is supposed to approach the sports market. Nike is everywhere related to sports including, retailing, sports management and sports promotion. Nike is advertised on TV commercials, billboards and are on most of commercials on the ESPN networks. By Nike expanding there company they are increasing the profit that the business will make. When taking their business global they are benefiting from the product sales they will make. Although they would have to pay more money to advertise their company outside of the United States they are making the company wealthier and more strong.

Nike’s co-founder “Phil Knight realized that while lower-cost, high-quality Japanese producers were beginning to take over the US consumer appliance and electronic markets, most leading footwear companies (e.g., Adidas) were still manufacturing their own shoes in higher-cost countries like the United States and Germany. By outsourcing shoe production to lower-cost Japanese producers, Knight believed that Blue Ribbon Sports could undersell its competitors and break into this market. As a result, Blue Ribbon Sports began to import high-tech sports shoes from Onitsuka Tiger of Japan. As sales increased to almost $2 million in the early 1970s, BLS parted ways with Onitsuka and began to design and subcontract its own line of shoes. The Nike brand was launched in 1972, and the company officially changed its name to Nike, Inc. in 1978 (Knight, n.d.). Phil is main reason Nike company started expanding. He found people that could get materials for cheap and sell the products at a higher price making huge profit.

Nike is also making there business global by hiring people of...
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