Nike Fuel Band

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Nike Fuel Band

The company – industry – competitors:
Nike is the most popular and the best seller athletic brand around the world. It is an American corporation founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight under the name Blue Ribbon Sports In 1964, and then changed its name to Nike Inc. in 1978. It designs and manufactures high quality athletics supplies for men, women and kids. It has 3 products lines (footwear, equipment and apparel). Now the company has more than 7,000 products, around 700 shops around the globe, and offices located in around 45 countries around the world. The factories that manufacture its products which are located in China, Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia…etc. Speaking of Nike's competitors, the company's major competitors are for instance Adidas group which consists of three companies (Adidas, Rebook and TaylorMade) and Under Armour (Puma), but Nike differentiated itself from the competitors through smart marketing strategies and innovation. Nike is rapidly expanding is due to the successful collaboration it had with other companies in the same industry. Launching Nike fuel band:

The band was launched in January 19, 2012. It is a product designed to change people's movement by encouraging them to change their lifestyle from inactive to an active lifestyle, in other words it measure people's movement which would lead to motivating them to be more active.

Nike Marketing objectives when launching the band:
1- Entering an untapped market.
2- Driving customers to exercise with fun.
3- Pushing consumers to have the desire of being fit and healthy. Nike's STP process when launching the band:
A. Segmentation:
1. Males + females, the majority are Males.
2. Age 15 to 60
3. Average income (20,000-40,000).
1. Health oriented customers.
2. Active and inactive customers.
B. Targeting: the band is trying to target:
1- Fitness customers.
2- Customers who are trying to be fit.
3- Nike groupies.
C. Positioning: through advertisement (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, social networks) to position the band in customers minds. Marketing analysis ( 5 Cs ):
* Customer: one of Nike's objectives is to deliver to the customer high level of satisfaction through offering high quality product, excellent performance and amazing features. * Company: Nike is a famous brand that has the needed resources to satisfy its customers needs. * Competitors: Nike has many competitors in the same industry and it is competing with them on satisfying the needs of the customer in an effective and efficient way and in delivering superior products. * Collaborators: in order to succeed in this competitive industry Nike focuses on collaborating with other companies in order to serve high quality products (example of Nike's collaborators is Stussy). * Context: Nike uses high technology in producing its products to make sure that they get the admiration and satisfaction from customers. Marketing mix ( 4 Ps ):

* Price: it costs 150 $. The price shows the product's quality as well to increase the profit margin – Nike uses 2 pricing strategies (product line pricing + skimming strategy). * Place (channels): available online through and Nike stores (in some countries), (selling directly to customers or with third party). * Product: Nike fuel band

* Promotion: Through advertisement using TV, newspapers,...
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