Nike Case

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Nivea Case

1. What is the market’s perception of the Nivea family brand on each of the a ollowing dimensions?
a. Performance
Nivea decided to create a family of products that symbolically could be represented as the “Nivea universe”. The company had a “mono-product” philosophy which means there would be only one product promising consumers universal application in each product category. b. Imagery

Early ads established the image of the Nivea woman as clean, fresh, and natural. Over time, Nivea ads were altered to reflect change in self-images and lifestyle. For example, when German women were becoming more athletic, Nivea began to show women in more outdoor and active setting. Also, Nivea brand enjoyed a high degree of goodwill and represented reliability, quality and honesty. c. Judgments

One issue is how the traditional Nivea Cream could be maintained if the company also needed to innovate. What’s more, going forward was how the company could best manage its brand hierarchy. d. Feelings

It seems Nivea products give customers clean, protect, and nature. Also, it shows specific attributes of each product. For example, if consumers say “I’d like to buy the blue bottle of Nivea”, it means Nivea Body Milk. Moreover, two-in-one product: satisfying a basic need plus offering the care of Nivea cream as a symbol.

2. In which categories (branding strategy breadth) does Nivea participate? What might competing in multiple markets do to the Nivea umbrella brand? Nivea branding strategy breadth divides into two parts which are skin care and personal care. Competing introduce a variety of specialized crèmes into the market, particularly moisturizing crèmes, designed for specific skin care uses. Also, create some similar products of Nivea, use the same marketing to market their products. 3. Identify the brand associations (individual brands under the family umbrella) for the following 3...
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