Nike and Child Labor

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Bella Patel
What Does the Holiday Season Mean to Me?
Holiday season has begun! Christmas will arrive and New Years later on. People get exited just hearing these holidays. If you ask some people what does this mean to you, they would have no idea. Some people would have an answer. They might say that they would donate, visit families, or just help people get a smile on their face. The holiday season helps people get together or it just mends past mistakes. The holiday season also means a lot to me. First, the meaning of the holiday season is a way to get all the relatives and family members together. This holiday season also means to help the needy ones. This will get a smile on our face as well as the ones we helped. Lastly, the meaning of this holiday season is to wrap gifts to give to show love and peace among all.

To begin with, the holiday season means to come together with my relatives. We only get to meet sometimes because of our differences. This holiday season helps me forget my differences and have fun among my true family. We would spend all our time in the living room and talk about all the past deeds. My family and I would be able to go places we have always yeaned to. We would take the time to set future goals that would help us clear our past misdeeds. This holiday season is very meaningful when we do all the things that will help us as one. So, the holiday season would not just mean a whole lot to me, but to my family and relatives as well.

In addition, this holiday season means to help others gain a smile on their face. This means to donate things that would help needy kids. My family would go to a thrift shop and get some clothing that children can wear. We would then donate the clothes. This would help poor children get clothing they would yearn for. This would also protect children from harsh weather. Then we would also buy nonperishable food and give food to the same children. We would be able to help some children get...
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