Nike Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Nike’s Use of Persuasion

NIKE is a worldwide sportswear company that has been around for years with many customers. They sell every type of apparel from hats to shoes. They all specialize in sport equipment. Since NIKE specializes in sportswear, their target audience is anyone who participates in a sport. They also sell products for people who are not active in sports. Although some of Nike’s products may be expensive, they have many products with reasonable prices. Say for instance, if you go to an NIKE outlet, their prices are not very expensive. Analyzing NIKE’s website is important because it lets customers know how they are persuaded to buy these products. A lot of people may say they buy them because they like them. But that is not exactly the full truth. It is something that has brought them to like the product, and it is NIKE’s use of persuasive appeal.

The persuasive use of ethos is one of NIKE’s strongest appeals. It is used a lot on their website and mostly on their commercials. Because NIKE is a popular sportswear manufacture, a lot of celebrities endorse in their products. Also, many basketball players have their own shoe collection through NIKE. The famously known Michael Jordan has had the popular Jordan’s with NIKE for years. Another player who has a shoe collection is LeBron James. One can find both of these players promoting their products on the website. Going through NIKE’s website, one will find many other famous athletes in different sections. In the Women’s section, track star Allyson Felix is promoting a new running jacket. Basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire can be found promoting a complete NIKE outfit on the Men’s section. NIKE uses famous athletes because they know customers will trust their eye in fashion. Customers also see that these athletes are devoted to NIKE and will trust their choice of brand. The use of ethos is not the only appeal that NIKE uses; they also use pathos to persuade their customers. Throughout the...
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