Nike Advertisement Analysis

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Nike, Inc. is a major publicly traded clothing, footwear, sportswear, and equipment supplier based in the United States. Nike started making history for sustainability in 1990 with the program Reuse-A-Shoe. They started to promote this by using advertisements which are still active today. The first line of this advertisement is an orange recycling symbol and next to it is an equal sign, with a Nike shoe. Under this line the advertisement states “what can your trash make?”. This advertisement gives its audience a clear view of sustainability and how the trash that they throw away everyday can make Nike shoes. Physical Description

The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe advertisement is a 7.76x6 square advertisement. The background is completely black. The top of the advertisement is blank. The actual advertisement does not start until the middle. In the middle of the advertisement (starting from left to right) there are three pictures. The first picture is a picture an orange recycling symbol. The next picture on the left side of the orange recycling symbol is a white equal sign. Next to the white equal sign there is a white and orange Nike shoe. The shoe is white with orange shoe strings, and a scaly effect on them. Underneath the shoe strings, and in the middle of the shoe is called the tongue of the shoe. The tongue is all white. At the top of the tongue it says the word Nike in orange letters. On the side of the shoe there is a Nike swoosh that is white with an orange outline. Towards the bottom of the shoe there is an orange line going around the shoe. The bottom of this Nike shoe is orange, white, and grey. Underneath these three pictures of this advertisement, there is a five word question. This question is in all lower case letters, white font color, and medium sized font. The question states “what can your trash make?”. In the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement there is the Nike logo, which is a swoosh, and next to the Nike swoosh there are two...
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