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Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is the world’s largest designer, marketer, and distributor of athletic footwear and athletic apparel. The company also designs, markets, and distributes sports-related apparel, equipment, and accessories. Led by the company’s flagship. Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman, a University of Oregon track and field coach, and Phil Knight, a talented middle-distance runner. Knight, who had recently completed an MBA at Stanford University, had written a paper where he proposed that quality running shoes could be manufactured in Japan that would compete with the more established German brands. Knight originally sold their shoes out of the trunk of his green Plymouth Valiant at track meets, and the company opened its first store in Santa Monica, California, in 1966. The company introduced its Nike brand of shoes in 1972, just in time for the U.S. Track & Field trials, which were held in Eugene, Oregon, that year. The Nike name, which took its name from the Greek goddess of victory, had its famous “swoosh” logo designed by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. BUSINESS OVERVIEW

As the world’s leading athletic footwear, apparel and equipment company, NIKE Inc. is dedicated to inspiring every athlete to reach peak performance. Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman saw endless possibilities for human potential embodied through sport. His philosophy still guides our mission today: Through our commitment to innovation and design, we are continually challenging ourselves, and our customers, to reach that next level of achievement. We strive for: * Innovation to serve the athlete

* Innovation to grow the company
* Innovation to inspire the world
The vision of Nike is to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Bill Bowerman, the co-founder, defined an athlete by saying, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Bowerman saw endless possibilities for human potential in sports. Nike’s mission is to carry on Bowerman’s legacy of innovative thinking, develop products that help athletes of every level of ability reach their full potential, and to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition and provide value for their shareholders. STRATEGIC GOAL

The company has set a strategic goal of $30 billion in revenues by the end of fiscal2011. Commenting on this ambitious target, Parker states, “When I stepped into the CEO role . . . the leadership team reaffirmed a simple concept that I knew was true from my nearly 30 years of experience here—Nike is a growth company.” Parker saw the company’s strategy as based on three principles: pursuing the greatest growth opportunities, leveraging Nike resources and capabilities, and serving customers with premium products and experiences. TARGETS & PERFORMANCE

We are clear on our ultimate destination: To decouple profitable growth from constrained resources.  Our vision of the future is one in which we see a world in transition from an industrial economy to a sustainable economy – where renewable sources of energy flourish, water is borrowed responsibly and returned clean to communities, waste is a new asset, workers across the industry are consistently valued and environmental impact will be a critical metric of success. This is a future that will be good for business, economies and communities, and citizens, workers and consumers. And we are determined to set Nike up to lead and thrive, in this environment. In order to get there, we will need to move from incremental to disruptive innovation. Our aim of decoupling growth from constrained resources will require change at a systems-wide level. No single company can eliminate toxic chemicals from vast supply chains, nor improve living conditions of workers in low-income communities, nor eliminate waste from consumption. We need step change in collaboration to drive collective...
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